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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Freedom ! - A 1980s American & Russian Joke

Freedom ! - A 1980s American & Russian Joke

An American and a Russian were discussing their respective freedoms in the 1980's...

American: We have more freedom. I can go over to the president and say "Mr. Reagan, I don't like the way you are running this country".

Russian: What's the big deal in that? I too can go to my president and say "Mr. President, I don't like the way Reagan is running his country".

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Amazing and Hilarious Pokémon Pop - A Russian Pop Tribute To Pokémon !

Amazing and Hilarious Pokémon Pop - A Russian Pop Tribute To Pokémon ! 

Russian pop star Nikolay Baskov got one heck of an idea for a musical number. He would embody none other than Pikachu himself, bring out a bodacious pika-posse and sing a song of hugging.

(The lyrics: "I will hug you, hard. I will hug you, passionately. There is no one in the world more beautiful than you.")

Monday, December 3, 2012

Americans vs Russians - Dog fight

The Americans and Russians at the height of the arms race realized that if they continued in the usual manner they were going to blow up the whole world.

One day they sat down and decided to settle the whole dispute with one dog fight.
They'd have five years to breed the best fighting dog in the world and whichever side's dog won would be entitled to dominate the world.

The losing side would have to lay down its arms. The Russians found the biggest meanest Doberman and Rottweiler dogs in the world and bred them with the biggest meanest Siberian wolves. They selected only the biggest and strongest puppy from each litter, killed his siblings, and gave him all the milk. The used steroids and trainers and after five years came up with the biggest meanest dog the world had ever seen. Its cage needed steel bars that were five inches thick and nobody could get near it. "When the day came for th e fight, the Americans showed up with a strange animal. It was a nine foot long Dachshund. Everyone felt sorry for the Americans because they knew there was no way that this dog could possibly last ten seconds with the Russian dog. "When the cages were opened up, the Dachshund came out and wrapped itself around the outside of the ring. It had the Russian dog almost completely surrounded. When the Russian dog leaned over to bite the Dachshund's neck, the Dachshund leaned up and consumed the Russian dog in one bite. There was nothing left at all of the Russian dog.

The Russians came up to the Americans shaking their heads in disbelief. 'We don't understand how this could have happened. We had our best people working for five years with the meanest Doberman and Rottweiler dogs in the world and the biggest meanest Siberian wolves. " "That's nothing ", an American replied. "We had our best plastic surgeons working for five years trying to make an alligator look like a Dachshund.'"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Russia oh Russia....

8 percent of Russians believe Russia will win World Cup

Today in people not knowing things: a new poll has found that 8 percent of Russians think Russia will win the World Cup, despite the fact that — are you ready for this? It is hilarious — Russia didn't even qualify for the tournament. 

Guus Hiddink may have resigned, Andrei Arshavin may have propped himself up in bed for a summer of answering "who do you prefer to be in a game of rock paper scissors?" on his website ("rock, because it is the easiest to deploy"), but you just can't hold down the legendary optimism of the Russian people. "So what if we're not in the tournament?" they say. 
"Something good will happen. This is Russia! Something good always happens."

I don't know, though. Everybody's making fun of Russia for this news, but 8 percent doesn't seem like an embarrassing number to many of the Americans.I'm absolutely positive that a good third of Americans believed they'd already won the World Cup after US drew with Slovenia. 

Twenty percent of all people believe aliens walk amongst us in human form. (Which would account for Bob Bradley - US Coach, ho ho ha.) Whatever percentage of humanity is represented by me personally believes that it's possible to read too much into poll results.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Russian Yoga

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sharapova's peacock dress

The Russian beauty, whose signature has yet to dry on a $70 million contract extension with Nike, debuted a new dress for her first (and only) match at the first Grand Slam of 2010.

Some comments on her dress and her loss to Maria Kirilenko..

Busted Racquet: "The chiffon-thingy makes her look like The Little Mermaid circa 1968. Either that or Lillian Gish."

Busted Racquet's fashion plate friend: "It's bad camo negligee."

Forty Deuce: "I'm thinking it was cross-marketing."

Opponent Maria Kirilenko: "It was blue, I think, like POWERade."

Selected reaction from Twitter: @paulavergara: "I'm guessing Sharapova signed off on her dress design over the phone/sight unseen."

@GoToTennis: "As much as I hate Sharapova being upset in the first round - I'm relieved that her dress is out of the tournament."

@ant_cee "Sharapova's AusOpen dress looks like she got caught in some curtains en route to the court."

@exodusrex: "uhm...i was pulling for sharapova tonight, but there's 1 upside to her loss: i don't have to see that dress again."

@alejrocha: "She crashed into a peacock."

@TruBlu: "that hideous dress was a portent of things to come."

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Russian train crash

A bomb blast caused the derailment of a Russian express train, killing at least 26 people, intelligence officials say.

The Nevsky Express derailed in remote countryside on Friday night as the train travelled between the capital Moscow and St Petersburg.

Investigators found "elements of an explosive device" at the scene, the Russia's federal investigative committee said in a statement.

A senior intelligence official said a bomb had derailed the locomotive.

Alexander Bortnikov, head of Russia's domestic intelligence service told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that a bomb equivalent to seven kilos (15 lb) of TNT had been detonated, Reuters reported.

There was no immediate confirmed claim of responsibility for the attack.

Source - BBC

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