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Monday, October 10, 2011

7 Simple Tips To Deal With Negative People

“The people who are the hardest to love are the ones who need it the most.” ~Peaceful Warrior

Tip #1: Don’t Engage in the Negativity

One thing I found is negative people tend to harp on the bad things and ignore the positive stuff. They also have a tendency to exaggerate issues they are facing, making their predicament seem a lot worse than it actually is.
The first time you converse with a negative individual, provide a listening ear and offer help if needed. Provide support – let him/her know he/she is not alone. However, be sure to draw a line somewhere. If the person keeps harping on the same problems even after the first few conversations, then it’s a sign to disengage.
For starters, try to switch topics. If he/she goes into a negative swirl, let him/her continue, but don’t engage in the negativity. Give a simple reply, such as “I see” or “Okay”. Whereas if he/she is being positive, reply in affirmation and enthusiasm. When you do it often enough, he/she will soon realize what’s going on, and will start to be more positive in his/her communication.

Tip #2: Hang Out In Groups

Speaking to a negative person can be extremely draining. When I spoke to my negative co-worker, I would be mentally drained for several hours, even though we talked for only 20-30 minutes. That was because I was on the receiving end of all her negativity.
To address this, have someone else around when conversing with the negative individual. In fact, the more people, the better. This way, the negative energy is divided between you and the other members, and you don’t have to bear the full brunt of the negative energy.
The plus point of having someone else around is that people bring out a different side to an individual. By having another party around, it may bring out a more positive side in the negative person. I experienced this before and it helped me to see the “negative” individual in a different, more positive light.

Tip #3: Objectify the Comments Made

Negative people can be quite critical at times. They tend to drop insensitive comments that are hurtful, especially if they are directed at you.
For example, I once had a friend who was quite tactless. She would drop jarring comments which were dismissive and critical. Initially I was bothered by her words, wondering why she had to be so critical every time she spoke. I also wondered if there was something wrong with me – that perhaps I wasn’t good enough. However, when I observed her interactions with our common friends, I realized she did this to them too. Her comments were not personal attacks – it was just her being the way she was.
Recognize that the negative person usually means no harm – he/she is just caught up in his/her negativity. Start by learning how to deal with critical comments. Objectify the comments made – Rather than take his/her words personally, recognize that he/she is just offering a point of view. Sieve out the underlying message and see if there is anything you can learn from what he/she said.

Tip #4: Go with Lighter Topics

Some negative people are triggered by certain topics. For example, one of my friends turns into a self-victimizer whenever we talk about work. No matter what what I say, he’ll keep complaining about everything in his job, which becomes quite a conversation dampener.
If the person is deeply entrenched in his/her negativity, the unhappiness may be too deeply rooted to address in a one-off conversation. Bring in a new topic to lighten the mood. Simple things like new movies, daily occurrences, common friends, hobbies, happy news, make for light conversation. Keep it to areas the person feels positive towards.

Tip #5: Be Mindful of the Time You Spend With Them

As Jim Rohn puts it – “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. What this quote means is that who you spend your time with has an impact on the person you eventually become.
I find it to be very true. Think about the times you hang out with negative people – Do you feel more positive or negative after that? Same for positive people – How do you feel after spending some time with them?
Whenever I’ve an encounter with negative people, I’d often feel negative after that, like a bad aftertaste. Whereas with positive people, I’d feel extremely upbeat and exuberant. Clearly, there is a spill over effect that takes place even after the interaction! By spending more time with negative people, your thoughts and emotions will slowly become negative too. At first it might be temporary, but over time it’ll slowly become ingrained in you.
If you feel certain people in your life are negative, then be conscious of how much time you’re spending with them. I recommend to limit the duration where you can help it. For example, if they want to hang out with you but you don’t enjoy their company, learn to say no. If it’s a meeting or phone call, set a limit to how long you want it to be. Keep to the objective of the discussion, and don’t let it extend beyond that time.

Tip #6: Identify Areas You Can Make a Positive Change

Negative people are negative because they lack love, positivity and warmth. A lot of times, their negative behavior is a barrier they erect to protect themselves from the world.
One of the best ways you can help a negative individual is to usher positivity into his/her life. Think about what’s bothering the person at the moment, and think about how you can help him/her in your own way. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, and you definitely don’t have to go out of the way to help if you don’t want to. The key here is to be sincere in your desire to help, and to show him/her the upsides in life.
A while back, I had a friend who was unhappy with her job, due to the stagnating environment and culture mismatch. There was a job opportunity that arose in my (now former) workplace, so I introduced that opportunity to my friend. She eventually got the job, and she has been working there for over 3 years now, and doing very well.
Today, she’s a lot happier, forward-looking and proactive in life. She’s definitely a lot more positive than she was a few years ago. While I do not take any credit for what she has carved for herself in her career, I feel very happy knowing that I helped in a small way at the right time. Likewise, there’s always something you can do for others too – keep a look out and help where you can. Just a small act on your part may well make a huge difference in their lives.

Tip #7: Drop Them From Your Life

If all else fails, reduce contact with them or drop them from your life.
Rather than spend your time with negative people, focus on the positive people instead. In the past, I spent a lot of time with negative people, trying to help them with their issues. It drained up a lot of my energy and was often futile, which led me to rethink my methods. Ever since then, I worked on cultivating positivity by hanging out with positive friends and business partners. This has turned out to be a lot more rewarding and fruitful.
Remember that your life is yours to lead, and it’s up to you on how you want it to be. If there are negative people who make you feel bad about yourself, work on those issues with the 7 steps above. With the right actions, you can create a dramatic difference in what you get out of your relationships.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World

Tokyo, Japan: The capital of Japan, Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live. It is also the world's largest metropolitan city both in terms of population and economy. Many of the multinational companies have their regional offices in Tokyo due to which there are a lot of highly paid jobs. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is one of the largest in Japan and in the world. There is also a massive demand for space due to the ever growing population which has made it one of the most expensive cities in the world. 

Osaka and Kobe, Japan: The second city that can be included in the list of the costliest cities in the world are the twin cities in Japan - Osaka and Kobe. Both these cities are densely populated, leading to a high cost of living and other expenses. Moreover, many multinational companies like Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Sanyo and Mizuno have their headquarters in these cities. They also have a large financial industry, leading to high wages. All these factors combined with the cost of land and high wages make these cities the second costliest cities in the world.

Paris, France: Paris the capital city of France is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has many satellite townships and the metropolitan area is quite large. Tourism is a flourishing industry in this city, which generates huge amount of money for the economy. There is a dearth of space for residences and commerce that pushes the cost of rent further up. Apart from the tourism industry, there are also many high tech manufacturing and finance industries which contribute to the strong economy of Paris.

Copenhagen, Denmark: This capital city of Denmark is not only the political capital of the country but it is also dominant in economy and culture. Copenhagen has head and regional offices of many large companies like Microsoft and Maersk. The largest wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas is located in Denmark putting Copenhagen and Denmark as a whole on the economy map. The corresponding high wages and extremely strong economy make Copenhagen the fourth most expensive city in the world.

Oslo, Norway: Norway, which has large gas and oil reserves, is one of the most developed countries in the world. Oslo which is the Norwegian capital, has a large population and a strong economy. It also has a large income in the form of insurance, tourism and maritime engineering. Due to high wages, the basic commodities have to be imported, making Oslo an expensive region. The tax rates in Norway are also very high. Due to the high rise buildings, the living space has become a premium thus increasing the cost of living in Oslo.

Zurich, Switzerland: Zurich, which is the main commercial center is also sometimes called the cultural capital of Switzerland. There are many top educational institutions in Zurich. A major portion of the Swiss economy is based on the Financial Services and many multinational companies like Credit Suisse, UBS and Zurich Financial Services which are based in this city. There is a diversity in the population of Zurich, which is the main reason why international companies like Google, Microsoft and IBM have their facilities in the city.

Helsinki, Finland: Enlisted in the top ten European cities - Helsinki, apart from being the capital of Finland, is also the economic center of the Finnish economy. It has a large shipbuilding industry and also has many hi-tech industries like Nokia. The tax rate of Finland is relatively high and the generation of large amount of wealth probably makes Helsinki one of the cities having the highest cost of living in the world.

Frankfurt, Germany: A major city in Germany, Frankfurt is considered the economic powerhouse of Germany. Many of the European and German central banks are located in Frankfurt. The Frankfurt stock exchange is also the biggest stock exchange in the world. All this wealth makes Frankfurt one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Geneva, Switzerland: Geneva, a popular city in Switzerland is located between The Alps and Lake Geneva. The International Committee of theRed Cross has its headquarters in Geneva. This city is also famous for the location where the Geneva Conventions, the treaties in international law which set standards for treating prisoners of war. Many of the United Nations departments also have their bases in Geneva. Geneva is a main attraction for tourists for its picturesque locations and is also the sixth important financial center in the world. Due to a high revenue and cost of living, Geneva is also the second most expensive city in the continent of Europe.

Singapore: A small island located in south east Asia, Singapore is a city as well as a country. This small country has a dense population of about 7000 people per sq. km. It has one of the busiest waterways in the world connecting east Asia with south Asia, Europe and Africa. Singapore has a very strong economy due to its various business policies and being a base for many international corporations. The Singapore port is also one of the busiest ports, due to the transshipment of goods. The cost of living is also very high due to a lack of living space. Singapore is growing in stature due to its strategic importance on the world map of business and growing economy, making it one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit.

Though there are many other cities in the world which have a high cost of living, according to a recent survey these ten cities achieved the most expensive cities in the world distinction.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Amazing Leaf Carving - Absolutely Artistic

Beautiful Eye Shadow Art !

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Terrific quotes ( Have fun )

Terrific quotes

Love th is photogenic it needs darkness to develop.


A good discussion is like a miniskirt, Short enough to pertain interest and long enough to cover the subject!


Children in backseats cause accidents, Accidents in backseats cause children!


"Your future depends on your dreams" So go to sleep!


There should be a better way to start a day than waking up every morning!


"ALCOHOL KILLS SLOWLY", So what? Who's in a hurry?


"Hard work never killed anybody", But why take the risk! (I don't want to be an exception!)


"Work fascinates me", I can sit and watch it for hours!


God made relatives, Thank God we can choose our friends.


My girlfriend ran away with my best friend and I really am sorry for him!


God is Alive! Speak to Him!, (It's cheaper after 9.30 p.m.!)


When two's company, three's the result!


A designer dress is like a barbed fence, It protects the premises without restrictinge 


Monday, October 3, 2011

Alphabet of Marriage

A - Absolutely adore each other
B - Be best friends
C - Compromise
D - Discover new things together
E - Encourage each other
F - Forgive and forget
G - Gaze into each others eyes
H - Hold hands and hug a lot
I - Inspire and intrigue each other
J - Joke and laugh and have fun
K - Kiss Kiss Kiss ;-)
L - Love with all your hearts
M - Marvel at each other's talents
N - Nuture each other's soul
O - Overcome problem together
P - Play games
Q - Quiet each other's fears
R - Remember the little things
S - Say "I love you" everyday
T - Take time for tenderness
U - Understand and care deeply
V - Value everything you share
W - Wish on stars together
X - X-press your true feelings
Y - Yearn for each other's touch
Z - Zzzzz in each other's arm

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dolls for u !

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