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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Interesting Interview !

A company advertise for job vacancy. There were a lot of people came for the interview. All the applicants were arranged to sit in a big hall and question papers were issued. The company’s manager said , ” There are ten questions in the question paper. you are given five minutes to answer these questions. Qualified persons will be selected and offered the job.” 

Everybody was trying to answer the questions very fast due to the lack of time. After the given time, the manager collected the answer sheets. By that time, the applicants complaint to the manager as “You have provided very short time to answer. We are unable to answer all the questions with this less time”.

Only the two of them returned the answer sheet without any response. Thus, the company manager said  ”Whoever provide the empty answer sheet are eligible to work in this company”. Everyone got surprised and asked the manager ” We answered at least some of the questions correctly, but those two haven’t even answer any. How come they got selected?”. The manager responded ” Please check the 10th question”. It stated “You need not answer any of the above questions”
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