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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

9 Sexy Eligible Billionaires

9 Sexy Eligible Billionaires

Forbes has given us a list of the sexiest, sleekest and most available billionaires. With an undefined accent and soft vignette around the lens, he mentions some of the hottest bachelors and bachelorettes with the hottest investments, startups and petty accounts.
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1. Alex Karp

Palantir is a data mining solution that has made Karp a billionaire. That and the fact that the company was CIA-backed.

2. Nicolas Berggruen

If you like diversity in your portfolio, then Berggruen will pony up for the bill. The German-American founder of the private investment company Bergguen Holdings is worth 1.6 billion dollars. He is known as the “Homeless Billionaire” as he bounces between hotel rooms and doesn’t own a home. At least you won’t have to ever make the bed.

3. Peter Thiel

This catch is co-founder of Paypal. How could he not be a billionaire?

4. Jack Dorsey

Founder of Twitter and Square, if into you’re the nerd-bad-boy look, Dorsey got your retweet. #GenreDefying #NerdBadBoysAThing

5. Tom Persson

Founder of fashion retailer H&M, you can be sure he’ll keep you warm when it’s cold outside. Probably very fashionably, too. 

6. Elizabeth Holmes

A college dropout usually isn’t on the list of ‘attractive’ attributes. Holmes, though, is a medical tech innovator with hundreds of patents in her name, and a few billion in her bank account. Change your mind a bit?

7. Travis Kalanick

This young stud will take you on a ride, an Uber ride that is, since he was the founder of the alternative taxi-hailing service.

8. Mikhail Prokhorov

If wealth, prestige and power make you hot under the collar, then billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov might just fit the bill. A very successful industrialist that also dabbled in politics, Prokhorov will trot you across the globe for Moscow to New York, because he owns the Brooklyn Nets basketball team, so you know he has team spirit.

9. Rupert Murdoch

The godfather of media, if you like a bit of down-under with your Crystal, Murdoch might be what whets your whistle. From printed media to television media, Murdoch has the news on lockdown; so, if you want the scoop, you might have to scoop up this magnate.

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