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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dont change your Blog Template

Whenever you feel bored with the template of your blog and want to change it, you immediately take the hazardous step of replacing the template without even thinking of its bad impact. 

While doing so, the look of your site changes as per your likings BUT this is the starting point of the endless problems.

 Search Engine Optimization get disordered affecting your Global Alexa rankings.

 You may loose your visitors too from sources like Google keyword search and Google image search. Not only Google other Search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask may also get affect. 

 Apart from it you have to wait for a long time to regain your previous status until the search engine updates there indexed pages.

Hence whenever you want to change the template of your blog -


and even if it is necessary then re-design it properly as you think best and use it forever.

Don't change template so often.
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