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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A London Lawyer and Sexy Lady - An awesome Joke

Once a Lawyer was travelling by train from Liverpool to Manchester.

When the train started, He was traveling alone in the business class.

Some time later, a Very Beautiful lady came and sat in the opposite seat!
The Lawyer was pleasantly Happy🙂

The lady kept smiling at him...
This made him even Happier ☺️☺️

Then she went and sat next to him....
he was bubbling with Joy😊😍�

She then leant towards him and whispered in his ear...

"Hand over all your cash, cards and mobile phone to me , else I will shout loudly and tell everybody that you are harassing and misbehaving with me"
The Lawyer stared blankly at her 🙄

He took out a paper and a pen from his bag and wrote " I am sorry, I can not hear or speak... Please write on this paper whatever you want to say"

The lady wrote everything that she said earlier and gave it back to him!

The Lawyer took her note, kept it nicely in his pocket...
got up and told her in clear tones...
*Now shout & scream !!*

Moral of the story :


Thursday, May 19, 2011

A TC in a train collects fine from girls...

A TC in a train collects fine from girls...

    A TC in a train collects fine from girls...

he collects Rs.300 from a girl-

she was wearing sleeveless.
  from 2nd girl he collects Rs. 200

she was wearing  sleeveless & backless.

From 3rd girl he collects Rs. 100

she was wearing a sleeveless & backless &
a skimpy mini-skirt...

  From 4th girl he collects Rs. 0

  perverted dirty minds !! what r u thinking??

  she had a ticket !!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sri lanka Railway - Very rare photos

Ceylon (Presently Sri lanka) was under British rule before its Independence in 1948.

Highway and Railway near Bandarawela, Ceylon.

A mountain station Ohiya, Ceylon in 1894.

Riding on the railroad

Tunnels on the Railway near Ohiya, Ceylon

Sensation Rock, Kadugannawa Railroad Incline 1910 - Kadugannawa, Ceylon

Railway line at Colpetty, Colombo, Ceylon

Colombo to Kandy Railway, Ceylon

sensation rock, Kadugannawa

View on the Railway Colombo to Kandy, Ceylon

Undergoing constructions of a Tunnel, Colombo - Kandy Railway Line, c.. 1860

Undergoing constructions of Colombo - Kandy Railway Line 1860

Railway bridge in 1880-1890
Kadugannawa Railway Station Colombo - Kandy, Ceylon

Construction on Government Railway Line, Ceylon

Undergoing constructions of Colombo - Kandy Railway Line 1860

Colombo Central Railway Station, Ceylon 1860 to 1880

Colombo to Badulla on the main line at Kadugannawa incline

Railway Bridge Over Bentota River (Gin Ganga), Galle in 1894

Lion's Mouth Colombo Kandy Line

Pothuhera Railway Station, Kurunegala, Ceylon 1890's
Ceylon Railway Engine 66 at Kurunegala in 1909

Railway tracks to Kandy 1890s

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Russian train crash

A bomb blast caused the derailment of a Russian express train, killing at least 26 people, intelligence officials say.

The Nevsky Express derailed in remote countryside on Friday night as the train travelled between the capital Moscow and St Petersburg.

Investigators found "elements of an explosive device" at the scene, the Russia's federal investigative committee said in a statement.

A senior intelligence official said a bomb had derailed the locomotive.

Alexander Bortnikov, head of Russia's domestic intelligence service told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that a bomb equivalent to seven kilos (15 lb) of TNT had been detonated, Reuters reported.

There was no immediate confirmed claim of responsibility for the attack.

Source - BBC

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