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Friday, May 28, 2010

School Days are Really FUNNY...!

School Days are Really FUNNY...!

Nadal and his $ 525,000 watch @ French Open

Last week Rafael Nadal called a press conference to announce his new Swiss watch sponsor. He was an hour late. Almost as amusing as Nadal’s faulty timing is the price of the Swiss watch he’s now endorsing: $525,000.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Superb creative Ads from India

Monday, May 24, 2010

A letter to Ex-girl friend

Dear Monisha,

Thanks for being my love for one and half years, when you receive this letter I believe you might have selected a new boy friend and started enjoying your dating.

Every lovers needs to struggle a bit to get a boy friend or girl friend.

Monisha … In order to recover your missing, I got another girl from next street & as you know this is my fourth love.

From all my past experiences I have learned a lot. When the love blossoms everyone starts writing love letters, you know very well… I have written many love letter to you , and writing a love letter in poetic way is not so easy nowadays MONISHA , and it’s a time consuming work, In order to avoid all this I need all my lover letters back so that I can put corrector and send to my new girl friend , please send it back to me , I don’t have poetic references or any photocopy of these letters.

Another thing MONISHA, I have given you one cute photo of mine , can you send it to me please , you know better that this is the only photo I look very cute & handsome and this photo I have taken when I was in my very first love.

And also, during my 1 ½ years of love days I have spend lot of monies for impressing you , I am attaching a list of expenses which I request you to clear it at the earliest.

The expenses are as follows:

Lunch / Dinner ; 895,
Cool Drinks 2938 Rs,
Snacks 5645 Rs. , Juice 3845 Rs.
Cinema 1235Rs.
Internet Chatting 1499 Rs. ,
Mobile 2546 Rs.
Petrol 4255 Rs.
Gift Items 7850 Rs, -

Grand Total : 30,708 rs (in Words : Thrity Thousand Seven Hundred and Eight Rupees).

Please try to clear the above amount so that I can spend these monies on my new girl friend, and more over if you have any of my gift lying with you, am ready to take these packs in half prices. Please calculate the value of packs left over and deduct it from the above statement of account.

I am enclosing herewith your love letters (Weigh around 4 Kg) so that you no need to write again to your boy friend and your photo so that you can give to your new BF.

Also, please advise your expenses which incurred during our dates, I don’t think you have got any expenditure during these dates, I have seen many time that you always forget your purse when it comes to pay.

Anyway I hope you will clear the above outstanding at the earliest and wishing you a very wonderful 6th love affair with Subil.

Your Ex-lover ….


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Amazing advertisements..

Friday, May 21, 2010

World's smallest car

The mini motor is only 39 inches high and 26 inches wide and was converted by car fanatic Perry Watkins, 47, from Wingrave, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The US-based World Records Academy has confirmed that the car - which Mr Watkins has christened 'The Wind-Up' - is officially the world's smallest car.

Mr Watkins, who has previously broken the record for the world's lowest car three times, found the inspiration for his latest motoring endeavour while surfing the internet.

"I searched on eBay for something suitable and found a Postman Pat coin-in-the-slot children's ride from a vendor in Scotland," he said.

"It was in non-operative order, but for what I had in mind this was of no consequence as I only wanted the bare fibreglass body from the ride."

Over a period of seven months, Mr Watkins reinforced the fibreglass shell with a steel frame and mounted it on a mini quad bike.

He added a 150cc engine, mirrors, windscreen wipers, lights, 'go faster' flames and mock racing exhaust pipes. He also had to remove Postman Pat and his black-and-white-cat Jess from the inside.

The vehicle is fully legal and is taxed as a quad bike so Mr Watkins can drive it on public roads. But at 6ft tall, he might be better sticking to his company Jaguar.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mouse is Jammed !!!!

Call to IT Department

: Hi, our printer is not working.
Customer Service
: What is wrong with it?
: Mouse is jammed.
Customer Service
: Mouse? And how it is related to printer?
: Mmmm.. Wait, I will send a picture.









Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is called Discipline

Monday, May 17, 2010

Best Smile Competition Pics


Don't miss the winner

And to see the winner, scroll down








Nine-month-old Jayce Kelly of Cary, North Carolina, who burst into laughter when the wind blew in his face.

Now you too smile like him

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