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Sunday, June 12, 2016

23 Meaningful Relationship Goals..

23 Meaningful Relationship Goals That Have Zero To Do With Getting Engaged Or Married

1. Figuring out how to say “I love you” without any words at all.
2. Learning how to speak with your eyes so fluently that words are rendered entirely unnecessary during significant moments.
3. Realizing just how much you prefer sleeping together over sleeping alone, even if one of you is a total cover hog or a spastic mid-sleep kicker.
4. Getting a whiff of the “morning” version of your significant other and appreciating their stinky ripe smell because it’s just so wonderfully familiar.
5. Being able to go to the bathroom with the door wide open without feeling at all embarrassed.
6. Reaching the point where you know in your heart that you’re not going to break up, even during the nastiest fights.
7. Recognizing that your passion for each other sometimes translates into fuming anger, and that that’s okay.
8. Feeling nothing but love when your partner accidentally says or does something remarkably stupid.
9. Feeling incredibly defensive when an outsider says or does something borderline offensive towards your significant other.
10. Wanting to beat the shit out of anyone who dares to be a jerkface to the person you love, even if the guilty party is a close friend or family member.
11. Being open and honest enough about sex stuff that you can freely discuss your solo sex routines and all other intimate acts and desires.
12. Truly appreciating each other’s shortcomings, whatever they may be, just as much as you value each other’s most appealing qualities.
13. Realizing that you really do like staying in together just as much (or more, even) than going out at night.
14. Regularly conspiring to “Houdini” from parties, recognizing that you’d rather play Scrabble and get drunk together in the comfort of your home than interact with others.
15. Catching yourself saying something supremely cheesy (like, out-of-character corny) to your partner, and actually meaning it.
16. Establishing a bond so strong and trust so deep that it’s tough to make each other jealous. For instance, neither of you feels all that threatened when the other hangs out with a hot member of the opposite sex.
17. Reaching the carefree stage when it doesn’t matter how attractive you feel or don’t feel on any given day because your boyfriend or girlfriend chooses you daily and makes you feel special no matter what you look like.
18. Smiling upon noting that your boyfriend or girlfriend is your number one most contacted person via email, and consistently dominates your call history. Who else do you really need to communicate with anyway?
19. Realizing that you have so many sexy photos and videos of each other saved on your computers that breaking up isn’t even an option anymore because you’re both armed with so much potential blackmail material.
20. Saying the exact same thing simultaneously because you’re spending that much time together and your personalities have pretty much fused into one.
21. Ditching your friends and family without feeling at all guilty or experiencing a hint of FOMO because there’s nothing you’d rather do than be with your person.
22. Discovering that you’re capable of disagreeing on important “issues” without wanting to rip each other’s heads off, literally or figuratively.
23. Recognizing that the peaceful calm you experience in each other’s company is insanely pleasant and definitely irreplaceable.

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