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Monday, May 10, 2010

Awesome Police Vehicle!

Awesome Police Vehicle!

Some new ideas for the new Sheriff sedan vehicle.

It will reach a top speed of 250km/h, which makes it very suitable as a
highway chase car.
I must admit that this vehicle gets me very excited! I hope CPS Traffic
gets this!

The interior is chock full of integrated police equipment such as an
automatic license plate recognition system, 360 degree exterior
capability, controls for a 130hz to 350hz bass siren, Night vision
interior illumination, integrated forward looking infrared system,
integrated shotgun mounts, hose able backseat and video and audio
surveillance of the rear passenger compartment.

According to the manufacturer - Carbon Motors - The front seat was made to
resemble a "helicopter-style cockpit". The company reportedly asked for
input from nearly 2000 police officers in a bid to make the car "cop
friendly". Note the mandatory 2 cup holders for the TIMS coffee!

Note the shotgun and carbine, now I am very excited!

I I love the suicide doors!

Integrated push bumpers offer PIT manoeuvre capability

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