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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Russia oh Russia....

8 percent of Russians believe Russia will win World Cup

Today in people not knowing things: a new poll has found that 8 percent of Russians think Russia will win the World Cup, despite the fact that — are you ready for this? It is hilarious — Russia didn't even qualify for the tournament. 

Guus Hiddink may have resigned, Andrei Arshavin may have propped himself up in bed for a summer of answering "who do you prefer to be in a game of rock paper scissors?" on his website ("rock, because it is the easiest to deploy"), but you just can't hold down the legendary optimism of the Russian people. "So what if we're not in the tournament?" they say. 
"Something good will happen. This is Russia! Something good always happens."

I don't know, though. Everybody's making fun of Russia for this news, but 8 percent doesn't seem like an embarrassing number to many of the Americans.I'm absolutely positive that a good third of Americans believed they'd already won the World Cup after US drew with Slovenia. 

Twenty percent of all people believe aliens walk amongst us in human form. (Which would account for Bob Bradley - US Coach, ho ho ha.) Whatever percentage of humanity is represented by me personally believes that it's possible to read too much into poll results.

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